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Tom Hardy Says He Won't Do More Rom-Coms

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Winter Growing Season

Well my big softball tournament is finally done and so it is time to start my winter lifting program. The goal for this winter is steady and consistent growth in muscle groups that support the tendons that give me problems. Also, I need to improve flexibility in my hamstrings, hip flexors and groin. I’ve always had trouble with those areas, but now they are causing havoc with my back and knees. 

I will be going to the gym on 4 weekdays and then doing a circuit or hiit of some sort on the weekend. For the first two weeks I will be doing upper body workouts and only doing mobility stuff for my lower body. This will be a lot of volume over the week, but I’m keeping the workouts short at first so not to get burnt out. 

After two weeks(beginning of October) I will switch to an upper/lower split by adding in lower body weighted exercises instead of just mobility.

I will also be doing enough volume that if I need to skip a day it won’t be that big of a deal.

Workouts are going to look like this:

OPH 10x3 %80 1rm
Incline DB Press (neutral grip) 4x6 %70 1rm
Rowing exercise 4x6 (I will be experimenting over the next two weeks to find a good rowing exercise that does not hurt my elbow)
Pallof Press 3x10 100lb
Hyperextensions 2x12 bodyweight
Hammer Curls or Reverse Curls 3x12 
Farmers walks 3x1min

Airdyne bike 6min incl 3 20sec sprints
Stretching rolling

I am going to stay with this for two weeks and adjust after that. Every day I will post here with an update on soreness and pain level. Mostly so that I can go back and track how I was feeling after the workouts. 

Diet is obviously going to be important. I am going to work hard at eating a ton of lean protein during the week and also complex carbs. The weekend I will be a little more lax, but I will try to do most of the “cheating” on one day. For lunches I am going to bring food to work every day. It will consist of a lean protein, a complex carb like quinoa, brown rice or lentils. 

Supplements will look like this:
Fish oil 3pills PD evening
Pre-Workout(creatine, caffeine, beta alanine)
Protein shake post workout
Fat burner/energy in mornings
ZMA at night

Well that’s the plan. I would appreciate people asking questions and making suggestions. Happy lifting.

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Congrats on your new U2 album.

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Such southern grace



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I need to hit more home runs, sprinting out doubles and triples makes for an exhausting tournament.

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REBLOG if you are hella bored and wouldn’t mind some curious anons.


This hardly ever works


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Friday’s Pin Ups and Sexy Ink!

Happy Friday

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Friday’s Pin Ups and Sexy Ink!

Great picture!